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How Much To Replace Carpet

how much to replace carpet

    how much
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  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room

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  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something

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  • A large rug, typically an oriental one

how much to replace carpet - Bissell 1697M

Bissell 1697M Powersteamer Pro Upright Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 1697M Powersteamer Pro Upright Carpet Cleaner

The Powersteamer Pro full size deep cleaner is ready to tackle all types of spills, spots, and stains. The SmartMix dial automatically adjusts the formula mix for all types of cleaning jobs letting you choose from water only, normal cleaning, and high traffic settings. The ReadyTools Switch allows you to instantly convert from floor cleaning to cleaning with the included tools. The self adjusting Dirtlifter PowerBrush lifts out deep down dirt and gently grooms carpets for professional style results. The Powersteamer Pro has an extra wide cleaning path and cleans in both forward and reverse. The tank-in-tank design stores both the clean and dirty water so there are fewer trips to the sink, and the tank is easy to empty and fill. Always use BISSELL's advanced formulas with Scotchgard protector to maximize cleaning performance.

79% (10)



a hazy mist of fog lies low in the la ballona wetlands this morning......

AUGUST 25-31, 1999
Opponents Claim Playa Vista Site Is Leaking Methane
Carolanne Sudderth
Mirror Staff Writer

In August, the wetlands in back of Titmouse Park are still awash in marine haze at ten in the morning -- not quite a fog, but a mist that fades distant objects to an opalescent white. The morning was hoarse with the cries of birds. The multi-syllabic call of the meadow lark that took me back to my childhood on the bluffs mixed with raucous cries that were strange to me -- a two-stroke call of something large and winged.
In that muted light, I walked down a narrow meandering path carpeted with soft yellow grass to the birding platform that has been built across the old Pacific Red Car berm. The pilings in the stream are the remains of the bridge across which the electric cars rattled.
When I hit the platform, I startled three great blue herons. The flattened double arch of their wing span must have been six feet across. They rose in circles, their paths intersecting each other as they spiraled upward -- like intersecting ripples in the air.
It’s hard to believe that this bucolic area is a battleground, but it is.
For 20 years, the undeveloped area around Ballona Creek, south of Marina del Rey, has excited lawsuits, demonstrations hunger strikes, and rivers of vitriol as developers and politicians, union leaders and business leaders and various environmental groups have at each other.
Both developers and conservationists want to maintain the area’s tranquillity, but the developers want to make what amounts to a mini-city on the site and the conservationists want to preserve the wetlands as they are.

The 1087-acre parcel lies between the Marina and Los Angeles International Airport and is bisected by Lincoln Boulevard as it sweeps up to the Westchester bluff. It’s said to be the largest undeveloped site in the Los Angeles area.
The proposed Playa Vista development include 13,000 residential units, five million square feet of commercial space and an entertainment technology “campus.” DreamWorks, SKG was expected to build a new studio there, but since it has pulled out, Playa Vista officials are looking for another studio to replace it.
Conservationists argue that wetlands in general, are disappearing and that in Southern California, 95% of them are gone. Once the dominant ecosystem in the Los Angeles basin, over the years, wetlands have been drained for residential, commercial and agricultural use. (La Cienega means “the marshes.”) In addition, they say, those 13,000 housing units would hold 29,000 people and that combined, with the 20,000 anticipated jobs would bring almost an additional 50,000 people to the area. Per the Master Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report prepared by Playa Vista for the City of Los Angeles, those 50,000 people would make 200,000 car trips per day (in addition to the 177,000 that head for the airport daily) which would produce an additional ten tons of air pollution per day.
The latest volley to be fired across the bow in the battle for Ballona consists of claims that Playa Vista is chock-full of methane, the flammable, combustible gas that put Belmont School on the map and causes land-fill lawns to burn with a low-blue flame.
Activists allege that Playa Vista may be another Belmont waiting to happen and are calling for additional studies on the land. Kathy Knight, Wetlands Coordinator for the Spirit of the Sage Council, says that the thing they haven’t tested for is the presence of carcinogenic gases that are often found with methane when it occurs underground, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, and hydrogen sulfide.
The charge is not a new one. Ten years ago, Margeurite Boster broached the question on behalf of the Playa del Rey Bluffs Association in a letter to the Los Angeles City Council. Then- Mayor Tom Bradley wrote, “The concerns you expressed over potential safety and health effects from benzene emissions are very understandable. “ Acknowledging benzene as a known carcinogen, he instructed staff to look into the issue of “methane and other hazards from abandoned wells.”
Grass Roots Coalition founder Patricia McPherson said she has been trying to bring the matter to the Council’s attention since 1993, when she noticed gas bubbling up from the earthen bottom of Ballona Creek. McPherson initiated the activity to Save All of Ballona Wetlands with the Sierra Club after the Friends of Ballona suggested she start her own group.
One of the long-time users of the wetland is the Southern California Gas Company which has been storing natural gas on the bluffs for many years. McPherson discovered corporate reports from the 1950s indicating that millions of cubic feet of gas had disappeared. She guestioned people familiar with hazardous gas mitigation, “professors at USC literally wooed around the world for their expertise, and they told me to look for

Widnes ...a vanished glory

Widnes ...a vanished glory

Finding myself in Widnes on Saturday 18th March 1978, my steps were drawn to an area I'd visited twice before, in October 1969 and April 1970, where terraced houses dropped gently towards the River Mersey in long, sloping streets. I anticipated disappointment ...in fact I was looking forward to the experience of being disappointed, and the exquisite, masochistic longing for what was irrecoverable. In this I was not, uh, disappointed.
My beloved gaslights were gone, replaced by these ugly concrete posts. A great acreage of old houses had been razed and mean, low-budget brick boxes erected in their stead. I observed, with froideur, the outbreak of pebbledash and the repainting of woodwork in bold primary colours. No longer the blue tongues of domestic coal smoke licking the roof slates, shiny with rain, nor its agreeable fragrance in the air. Fewer slate roofs come to that, and fewer chimneys ...redundant now, my flinty, misanthropic heart noted, in the age of snug, convenient central heating for all. One feature of the town endured however ...feral dogs still roamed the alleys behind the houses, lifting their legs, snuffling and copulating.
I often think how radically a photograph might have been improved by the addition of some trifling detail. How much more interesting this might have been with a figure in the foreground ...some ferociously headscarfed and pinnied matriarch with her hair in curlers, still wearing her carpet slippers and clutching her purse, fag protruding from over-lipsticked mouth as, close to the wall, she pads down to the shop on the corner of the next street for Zebrite grate polish, a bundle of firewood and some Lux soap flakes.

how much to replace carpet

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